Filipe, 36 years Photographer and Senior Art Director, born and raised in the real city of light, Lisbon.

From an early age, my visual/artistic side was always present; I was only 12 when I transformed the street where I lived in Lisbon into a small Hollywood, with the shooting of several small films. I majored in advertising at Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa (1999-2004), where I had the first proper contact with film photography. Completed my passion for analogue photo with a photography degree at Instituto Português de Fotografia (2007). Despite shooting digital, it’s with analogue photography that I feel accomplished and fulfilled. What I love most to photograph is people.

I also co-created ‘I’m Not Perfect Zine’, a film photography magazine that publishes work of photographers from all over the world, as long as it’s shoot with film. You can follow it here.

Hope you enjoy my work.


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